Been A While!

Josh Mack
3 min readJul 17, 2020



Sorry for the hiatus. I have had nothing going on, literally nothing.

Not entirely sure what to even write about but I’ve had a creative bug in me the past couple of mornings so I’m just going to write.

So what have I been up to since my last post May 15? Lets see:

  1. I go to my beach house every weekend
  2. I was in LBI for a week with my family
  3. I’ve taken some phone calls with companies but it’s all bullshit, they’re just prospecting and getting my info and what I’m about and the conversations always end with “Well Josh, we will definitely keep you in mind for when this is over and we are able to hire again!” k cool thanks
  4. At the beginning of quarantine I was running a lot more but I got lazy and I now walk for longer distances
  5. I take Rumble classes on Instagram
  6. I invest in the stock market now and don’t know a whole lot what I’m doing but it fills my sports gambling fix for the short term
  7. I started a book club with my friends which is actually super exciting but I can discuss that in different post
  8. Celebrated my 25th birthday — weird
  9. The director of my team asked if I’d be interested in returning to work, uhhh yuhhh. So we’ll see what comes of that
  10. Returning to the city next week to get dinner with a friend.

Yeah that’s about it. I can actually harp on point number 10 cause that’s the most recent event in my life. Super, super, stoked to return to the city. Sleepover in my apartment for the night in my queen bed and not squish on the twin I have at home? Psh, next question. I straight up told my friend that I am more excited to dine in the city than to see her, aw man I’m an ass. But it’s true. NYC is my one true love. She gets me. She offers me things no human could ever. She has 5 very unique personalities with layers within each that take a lifetime to explore and understand.

Do I have a hard on for New York City? Yeah… yeah I do.

Anyway, excited to go back next week for the night. And my roommates been back and forth so will be dope to go kick it with him for a little.

I’ve extended my car lease twice now since I’m home home for the summer and need it for transportation. Kind of excited though to finally get rid of it and not have a monthly payment — that’s if I do go back to the city full-time.

I went to Philly also for my friends surprise birthday party. That was fun to see a bunch of my college friends.

This has been a brain dump of a post and I apologize to anyone reading this. Sometimes I just need to write and get my thoughts out and I haven’t written here in a while. I hope no one came here to read something exciting that has happened in my life or anything thought provoking. I plan to start writing more again and get the juices flowing, its therapeutic in ways and I have to keep my mind sharp as I am still in pursuit of becoming a copywriter one day which was really the reason why I started writing on here.


There you have it. A brain dump of a post. Take it as you will. Thanks for stopping by. See you next time, friend.

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